Your entertainment platform
PlayNet.Mobi is an international brand, with direct presence in multiple countries, and provides services for mobile entertainment. Our products are offered normally under a business model of recurring subscription and the sale is made on your mobile telephone invoice. This way of payment is agreed with your mobile operator and is always made under teh acceptance of the comercial agreements.
What services am I subscribed to?
You can read about the services to which you subscribe by by writing an email to, indicating your phone number.
How I can cancel my subscription to a service?
You can unsubscribe very easily, following any of the methods below:
  1. Writing an email indicating your phone number to
  2. Clicking on the link "Unsubscribe", link which is provided on the portal in which you have subscribed, and following the simple steps that are mentioned.
What is the duration of my subscription?
The subscription is recurring and will automatically be renewed until you decide to cancel it. If you request to unsubscribe from our services, it will be immediate and you will no longer have access to our premium content, but you can still be able to enjoy our Free section, when they are available.
How do I pay for the service to which I subscribe?
Payment is made through operator billing. The subscription is recurring and will appear on for your operator bill with the concept of WAP or SMS PREMIUM. If you prepay the process is the same depending on your company, but the charge is deducted from your balance, rather than seeing it reflected on a monthly invoice.
Can I access my services on other mobile devices?
Yes, our services are tied to your phone number so you can enjoy them on different devices as long as they use the same SIM card with which you signed up.